Yelyzaveta Mykhaylova was born on January 22, 1981 in Konstantinovka, Donetsky region.  But Nikolayev, the town where she grew up, - had become home for her. When Yelyzaveta was thirteen her parents, Lidia Fyodorovna and Oleg Grigoryevich, sent her to a hiking club. Later this hobby increased to something more than spending her time. 

   - I waited for each training impatiently, - Liza recalls, - it was the time when I understood what a friendship and self-help are. And of course it was a great period – walking trips, sittings around a fire, guitar tones and boundless beauty of nature…

   But sport was not her only passion. After a while Elizabeth entered an Artistic School and there she mastered nuts and bolts of graphic arts, painting, composition; developed skills in expressing perception of the world by the way of paint and images.

  - Painting lessons swallowed up me entirely, - Yelyzaveta says,- there were moments when I was conscious of nothing in the world but magic play of colors and realizing that I can create whole worlds and describe any emotions on a canvas.

   After graduating the ninth form Yelyzaveta entered a special school of arts and two years later she entered the Philology department of Nikolayev Teachers' Training Institute named after V.A.Suhomlinsky. After 5-year studying Liza graduated from the universitywith a diploma in teaching Ukrainian language and literature and English language and foreign literature. In a year she was awarded a master’s degree in teaching Ukrainian language. 

- It so happened that I had started to work as a teacher sooner than finished my studying at university, - Yelyzaveta says, - school team and students were my second family.

   In 2008 Yelyzaveta became a Secondary-School Vice-Principal. This position gave boundless opportunities to show her creative thinking and artistic talents. And besides it requires skill to organize different events: celebrations, competitions, theatrical performances, exhibitions of children’s creative works and more. In 2009 Yelyzaveta won the all-city Vice-Principal competition “The New Name”. There she show her managerial abilities and presented her own collection of paper clothes. 

   For thinking out of the box and bold approach in solving creative tasks Denys Dytyniuk invited Yelyzaveta to join the MaDenart team. So, in 2012 she moved to VinnytsiaAt present Yelyzaveta Mykhaylova works in a creative trio with Denys Dytyniuk and Mariia Usenko. They develop a genre of speed painting: find new techniques and improve their brushwork. “MaDenart” team makes viewers glad and surprised to look at their new works of art.