MaDenart show is a team of initiative, creative and goal-oriented people under the guidance of Denys Dytyniuk – a silver medalist of a show“Ukraine’s got talent - 4”. Denys is an innovator in speed painting and he is an inventor of unique author’s performance. He impresses viewers with innovations (different transformations of images on several canvases) in this ganre and creates “high-art puzzles”.

    At present Denys Dytyniuk works in a creative team with his beloved wife Mariia Dytyniuk, Yelyzaveta Mykhaylova and Anastasiya Yankovska. They develop a genre of speed painting: find new techniques and improve their brushwork. Though MaDenart team appeared in 2010, it is very popular in different countries – viewers of the USA, Switzerland, 
Germany, Leabon, Azerbaijan, Russia, France, Italy, India, Slovakia, Kazakstan are impressed with staginess of spectacular shows.

   We are happy because we do things we enjoy and give other people unforgettable positive emotions. Performances are designed individually for each event, so every time we look for new techniques and constructively solve given problems.
We are glad to welcome you on our site. Let us know each other better :)