MaDance Art – is a harmonious combination of “Birth of a picture” technique and dance that will fully reveal the performance’s storyline. 

Two dancers who represent Good and Evil play their roles in front of the canvas. Every movement is an expression and dynamics that keep the audience guessing what’s going to happen until the last moment of the show. And at the same time different pictures are painted by artists from behind the canvas (so that they are hidden from the audience). Viewers have a great opportunity to contemplate as every brushstroke gradually appears on the front side of the canvas, as colorful lines and spots transform into new images as if by magic. 

The dance in front of the canvas is complemented with pictures that gradually appear on it. But the most interesting thing happens in the end of the performance when dancers take off their dresses, intertwine on the background of the picture and drawings on their bodies create the main image that “flows” into the final composition!
This show is relevant for different events as it depicts a tireless struggle of Good versus Evil, light versus darkness… This confrontation takes place in every soul and only we can make a decision: which side to take… more pictures you will find in our Gallery: