The "Birth of a Picture” a unique technique offered and provided exclusively by MaDenart team. The artist (or artists) goes behind the canvas and starts painting from the back side of it. Spectaculars can not see the artist during the show. But they have a great opportunity to contemplate as every brushstroke gradually appears on the front side of the canvas, as colorful lines and spots transform into new images, creating the impression of magic. Such performance allows each to see the mystery of creation and the birth of a picturesque work of art. The technique is author’s and patented, it has been developed exclusively by the artists of MaDenart and respectively this show is nowhere more to be seen (Watch video).
   It is also possible to combine two techniques (“Speed Painting” and “The Birth of a Picture”) and painting on two canvases on the back and front sides of them at once. It is really exciting to watch one artist paints on a canvas while other picture (which is similar to the first one) appears on the second one. And in the end of the show two pictures turn into a composition with certain cense (creating the main image).
    A new flavor in “The Birth of a Picture” is gaining in popularity. It received an original name - "Air mosaic". In the process of painting hundreds beautiful bubbles appear, out of which the final portrait will be created.

   A feature of this performance is an extraordinary weightlessness and tenderness of drawing portraits. It seems that the picture is made up of many small parts and forms a picturesque air mosaic. 

   In addition, we can offer the latest trend of our performances - the use of animation!  Spectacular projections on canvas create striking visual illusions that turn into amazing pictures, attracting attention of the audience. What the viewers saw leaves bright and unforgettable impressions. It seems that canvases come to life and images painted by the artist, intertwined with the images projected onto the canvas.