Команда «МаДенарт» подарит незабываемые эмоции в День Рождение. А нарисованный художником портрет станет отличным подарком именнику.

    No doubt, birthday - is an important event for everyone and a great reason to celebrate it in the company of his (her) nearest and dearest people. We’d be glad to prepare a performance that will help you to plunge into the mystery of this spiritual feast. The name-day will receive a stylish portrait in memory of this event. But before the portrait will be painted all everyone will see different images close to the hero of the day: hobbies, memorable events - all that make him different from other people and is clear for each of the guests .

   Such portrait will be a great gift to loved and dear person. It is really a bright addition of any show program and exclusive work of art that will decorate his (her) home or office.

For the designing the performance where portrait will be a final result we need: